ITS BACK!!!!!!


Garlic Mashed Potatoes & Glazed Carrots


available TOMORROW after 4pm 

preorders welcomed today





Thursday October 2

Smokehouse Meats: 

Our Meats are

  Dry Rubbed & Slow Smoked




Beef Brisket 

$17 / $9


Pulled Pork

$13 / $7


Local Sausage

$10 / $6


Local Boudin 

$3 each link


1/2 pound sandwiches

add $1 for local bread


Smokehouse Spare Ribs:

Half Rack $13

Full Rack $25 


Smokehouse Sides:


Sweet Corn Spoonbread

Glazed Smoked Carrots 

Smokehouse Slaw


Smokehouse Plates:

Smokehouse Meat and a Side

Brisket $15

Pulled Pork $13

Sausage $12

Spare Ribs (3) $13


Smokehouse Sampler:

Big enough for two or more!



Smokehouse Sodas:

Barqs’ $3

Bottled Soda $2

Diet Coke $1

Water $1





Everything is made from scratch and local when we can. 

All of our forks, knives, spoons for our guest are made of CORN PLASTIC

All of our plates and to-go ware are made from SUGAR CANE 

EVERYTHING decomposes within 60 days 

We proudly Recycle all of our glass, cans, water bottles, and paper.