Saturday August 30 

Smokehouse Meats: 



Beef Brisket 

Sliced or Burnt Ends 

$17 / $9


Pulled Pork

$13 / $7


Smoked Sausage

$10 / $6


Smoked Boudin Link $3 each


Smokehouse Ribs:

“How much fo’ one RIB” $3

Half Rack $15

Full Rack $28 



Smokehouse Sides:

$3 half pint/$6 pint


Sweet Corn Spoonbread

BBQ Baked Beans

Moms’ Potato Salad



Smokehouse Plates:

Smokehouse Meats and a Side

One Meat $13

Two Meats $16

Three Meats $19 



Smokehouse Sampler:

Every Meat & Every Side

Big enough for two!




Everything is made from scratch and local when we can. 

All of our forks, knives, spoons for our guest are made of CORN PLASTIC

All of our plates and to-go ware are made from SUGAR CANE 

EVERYTHING decomposes within 60 days 

We proudly Recycle all of our glass, cans, water bottles, and paper.